expert of video camera systems. I use my skills to both work creatively and technically with the DP to arrive at the desired look.
code RS-74-200909-172 on aux USA

I prepare the equipment and troubleshoot problems as they arise. I am in charge of electronic image continuity and the data capture when performed remotely. On a multi-cameras environment, I work with the CCUs to insure image quality.

MR So... R...
74500 Fr

Expertise :

In the following industries:
TV and Cinema

Fields of practice:
Ingenieur de la vision, DIT,

Management teams your interventions may concern:

Types of interventions:

Training courses attended:

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Led training courses:

Computer skills:


Some references:
Justin Prod, B&H Video, ESS production

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Data capture dual 4.4.4 RGB in FilmStream mode with Viper Thomson.
Use of Cgwin software on DFR S-two. Wiring and tech support on set HD.

Paris/Los Angeles, FRANCE/USA (2005-2007)
Working for France Television as a freelance Cameraman. Covers News and Sports overseas.

INF, ADISCOS training center
Teaching English mostly to adults. Creating contextual events depending on the level of the student and simulating various situations where the students would be facing problems. Through those situations each of them has to express themselves.

SALES ENGINEER. B&H Pro video, Manhattan, NYC (2000-03)
Demonstrating professional cameras, teleprompters, switchers and all kind of broadcast equipment to potential clients. Finalizing over 300K dollars of sales a month. Answering client’s queries over the phone and troubleshooting. As bilingual (French/English), I was often in charge of performing translation for major sales to French Network.

NEWS CAMERAMAN/EDITOR, Rolling&Action Inc. Manhattan NYC (1996-2001)
Shooting various assignments on BETASX and DVCPRO for RCN TV, Al Jazeera and Reuters. Accredited with United Nations and New York City Press Pass. Operating my own production company Rolling&Action Inc.

VIDEO TECHNICIAN, Delta video, Albertville, FRANCE
Installation of matrix routing switchers during the Winter Olympic games. Wiring the system to computer terminal using the RS232 interface and setting-up the controls. Cabling and wiring the different control rooms.

• Technical director on a multicameras shoot (DSR 570) using M7 CCU controller during a seminar in Evian France.
• Assistant Data Capture using S-two on a 2 viper camera set up for HBO.
• Editing on Final Cut Pro a pilot based on the rapper “DMX” for the account of HBO.
• Cameraman at the Hand-Ball world cup in Tunis for Al Jazeera Sports.
• Cameraman on a documentary shot in New York City for Channel Telemundo.
• Cameraman for “le but du jeu” news agency located in Paris.
• Cameraman for Leman Video shooting mostly corporate videos.
• Editing on Final Cut Pro a pilot for African Shopping Network.
• Editing of videos layers for an Off Broadway show “Dream Little Dream” starring Denny (singer of “The Mamas and the Papas”.
• Cameraman correspondent in Paris for the account of LBC and Al Jazeera during 3 months.
• Wrote, Produced, Directed and Edited first 20 thousands dollars budget short film on D7 called “Fresh Veggies”.
• Many other assignments to be listed here…

Final Cut Pro, Media 100, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Word, Sony XPRI, DVD studio Pro, Compressor

While working at B&H, I have been constantly trained by many manufactures on their latest products. Those manufactures included JVC, PANASONIC, SONY, IKEGAMI, MARSHALL, HORITA, QTV, HORITA, KNOX VIDEO, KRAMER, and many others…I am also knowledgeable with the use of waveform and vectoroscope for setting exposure.

1998 (fall semester) Harvard Extension School, Cambridge, USA
English as a Second Language studies (ESL)

1996 Technical College, Annecy, France
BTS Electronic Studies

• Bilingual French/English.

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