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Chief Technology Officer / Vice President of Engineering / Director of Engineering

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Date of last connection: 2017-12-14

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95136 San Jose
United States

Current situation:

Current industry: Software

Size of the company: 101-1000 employees

Current position: Vice President of Engineering

Number of years spent at this position: 3-5 years

Number of persons you managed: 51-100 persons

Annual salary: 0.00 EUR

Total working experience: 3-5 years

Availability: 3-months notice

Job sought:

Positions: Chief Technology Officer, Vice President of Engineering, Director of Engineering

Industry: Information Technology, Education, Web Business

Desired type of contract: open-ended contract, fixed term contract

Desired working time: Full-time, Part-time, Available on Week-ends

Minimum annual salary desired: 0.00 / 0.00 EUR


Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +6

Last diploma : Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania

Current educational level : +6

Other training courses :

Divers :

Geographical mobility: Country : Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Known Tools / Software/ Methods • Software Engineering Management • Agile Project Management • Product Planning • eLearning & EdTech (Open edX) • Media & Video (IPTV, OTT) • eCommerce & Payments • Mobile Web & Mobile Apps • Full-Stack Web Development • Distributed Systems • Messaging & Collaboration • Middleware • DevOps, Continuous Integration/Delivery • Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Azure

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences • Certified Scrum Master (CSM) • TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certificate

Languages English : Native
French : Fluent
Italian : Basic


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95136 San Jose
United States


Software engineering executive and Certified ScrumMaster® with a successful track record developing innovative and high-performance Web and mobile solutions in a cloud infrastructure.
Startup and scale-up experience, building and managing distributed organizations from ten to ninety engineers with an emphasis on agile transformation and organizational effectiveness.WORK EXPERIENCEGlobal Knowledge – 2016 to presentDirector of Engineering
Global Knowledge is the worldwide leader in IT training and learning services. With over 15 corporate offices around the world, our 1,500 employees are helping develop and deliver thousands of instructor-led and online courses in more than 100 countries and 11 languages.· Leading the software engineering teams responsible for the learning platform, single sign-on, API gateway, student and enterprise portals, and global website as part of a broader digital transformation and IT modernization initiative.· Implementing Agile (Scrum and Kanban) best practices and tools to emphasize teamwork, improve business-IT alignment, and accelerate the delivery of new applications and services in a cloud infrastructure, globally and across organizations.
Open edX | Python/Django | MySQL | MongoDB | Hadoop | Celery | RabbitMQ | Elasticsearch | Memcached | ReactJS | NodeJS | Android | iOS | Azure | Jenkins | JIRA | GitHub
EXO U – 2014 to 2016
Vice President Engineering
EXO U was ranked in the top 10 hottest digital solution companies of 2015 by Education Technologies and is a CODiE 2016 Award Finalist for Best Postsecondary Learning Content Solution.
Responsible for developing a mobile app suite and engagement platform. Contributed across a full spectrum of corporate initiatives ranging from strategic planning to organizational development and supporting the field organization on customer and partner engagements to ensure the successful deployment of the mobile solution.
Defined, designed, and developed the mobile engagement platform from the ground up and launched it alongside a suite of mobile apps at the ASU+GSV Summit in April 2015. The platform includes:
· Responsive mobile Web single-page applications based on AngularJS that run in a container.
· A secure client-side native runtime container for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows that implements Cordova to access device resources.
· A high-performance server based on Node.js, WebSockets, and ReSTful Web Services deployed on-premise and Amazon Web Services (AWS) at scale.
Managed a distributed team located in Palo Alto and Montreal responsible for software development, project management, quality assurance, continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD), and DevOps.
AngularJS | NodeJS | MySQL | Postgres | AWS | iOS | Android | Windows | macOS | Confluence | Jenkins | JIRA | Bitbucket
Magnet Systems – 2012 to 2014
Vice President Engineering
Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Magnet is funded by Andreessen-Horowitz, Alfred Chuang, Bill Janeway of Warburg Pincus and HTC. Customers include GM, MITRE, EarthLink.
Led product management, project management, UI/UX, software development and QA teams, which resulted in the release of three mobile middleware products:
· App Builder - Generates APIs for Android, iOS, JavaScript. Simplifies server cloud deployment.
· Mobile Server - Enterprise-grade mobile SDK and backend runtime services implemented in Java.
· Enterprise App Store – a private-labeled app store for Android and iOS apps.
Java Platform Enterprise Edition | MySQL | MariaDB | Neo4j | AWS | iOS | Android | Jenkins | Maven | Confluence | JIRA | Bitbucket
Minerva Networks – 2007 to 2012
Vice President Engineering
Minerva enables IPTV, Cable TV, and Satellite TV service providers to offer an engaging television experience to their subscribers, across any network, on any device and at any time. Every day more than three hundred operators around the world deliver advanced television services powered by the Minerva software platform.
Responsible for product development, project management, and technical support, which included planning, design, development, and shipping of carrier-grade products, as well as day-to-day management of the software engineering, QA, performance & integration, documentation, and support teams.
Grew and led a team (from twenty to ninety engineers) geographically distributed across three development centers (California, Bulgaria, Italy). Ensured the effective application of technology, alignment of resources, and prioritization of tasks through the entire development lifecycle.
Developed innovative set-top box (STB) and back-office features to iTVFusion, including whole-home & cloud DVR, over-the-top (OTT) media delivery, and adaptive bit rate streaming (HLS). Awarded TelcoTV Vision Award for Innovation in Middleware.
Introduced two new solutions on time and within budget:
· iTVLink - Server designed to stream process the ingestion of video-on-demand assets.
· iTVWidgets - A tool suite used to develop and deploy applications for the TV.
Certified and maintained a diverse set of IPTV ecosystems with set-top boxes from ADB, Amino, Cisco, and Entone; video servers from BitBand, Cisco, Edgeware, Harmonic, Kasenna, and SeaChange; and conditional access systems from Latens, Verimatrix, and Widevine.
Java Platform Enterprise Edition | WebLogic | Oracle Database High Availability | C/C++ | iOS | VMware vSphere
Navio Systems – 2005 to 2007
Vice President Solutions
Member of the executive team responsible for delivering e-commerce and mobile commerce solutions designed for media and entertainment companies that wish to offer and distribute digital media and mobile content through Web/WAP sites and social networks.
Built and led a team of twenty, responsible for Web and WAP site UI/UX design, software development, digital asset management, storefront merchandising, QA, Web analytics, project management, and customer support.
Ingested over one million digital assets and launched over one hundred e-commerce and mobile commerce storefronts and promotional campaigns for Disney, EMI, FOX, L’Oreal, MasterCard, Shockwave, Sony BMG, Universal.

Cover letter

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95136 San Jose
United States

Chief Technology Officer / Vice President of Engineering / Director of Engineering

Based in Silicon Valley, Paul has startup and scaleup experience, building and managing distributed organizations from ten to ninety engineers with an emphasis on agile transformation and organizational effectiveness.

During his twenty-year career, Paul has held numerous management and technical positions at startups and industry giants including AT&T Bell Labs, BEA Systems, Minerva Networks, and Global Knowledge.

A lifelong learner, Paul holds a M.S.E. in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in Computer Science from the American University in Paris.

• Software Engineering Management
• Agile Project Management
• Product Planning
• eLearning & EdTech (Open edX)
• Media & Video (IPTV, OTT)
• eCommerce & Payments
• Mobile Web & Mobile Apps
• Full-Stack Web Development
• Distributed Systems
• Messaging & Collaboration
• Middleware
• DevOps, Continuous Integration/Delivery
• Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Azure

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